Static Space Ad
Fly your ad or message to the edge of space!
Full view photos of space and the Earth's curvature
- Full panel space ad
- Fits most logos
- Big attention-grabbing ad
- Great for wedding invitations & birthday greetings
- Innovative image for your advertisements
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Video Space Ad
Footage of your product at the edge of the space
Unique footage of your ad flying up to the stratosphere!
- Start your own aero space program easily
- A unique promotional video or commercial
- A memorable lifetime experience
- Give a lasting impression of your business
- Capture a unique shot
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Special Missions
Personalized near space mission
Personalized near-space mission tailored to meet your needs
- Project conception and initiation
- Project requirements definition and planning
- Balloon launch (execution)
- Performance monitoring and control
- Project closeout and evaluation
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Personalized near-space missions for everyone

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