We are passionate and rigorous about science and we also know how exciting practical projects can be. Stratoscience projects offer people of all ages the ultimate in engaging learning. Whether you are an educator at primary school, a professor at a university, or a scientist interested in running high altitude scientific experiments, we are here to serve your needs and for bringing your projects specifically tailored for you.

Following your launch, the data and images recorded by your payload can be used as teaching materials or scientific data, enhancing the whole learning experience for the students and also for the researchers.

Research, commercial applications, art and other inspirational activities are only part of what you can do by launching balloons into the stratosphere with us. We guide you step by step through the whole process of preparing and launching a successful mission to the edge of space. We also provide all you need including tutorials and tools. We can either carry out launches for you or run launches with you. We can arrange everything you may need during the whole process.

Stratoscience brings you affordable access to the edge of space. Run your own space program!