1. What do you offer?

Stratoscience offers the opportunity to explore space creating a personalized scientific project that tailors to your needs.  Your scientific project then flown above 35 km up in the stratosphere attached to our weather balloons. Then we recover the payload for you and we return it back to you. That is an affordable way to get excited about science and engineering and also for obtaining interesting and valuable research data.

We can either carry out launches for you or run launches with you. We can arrange everything you may need to get data from near space and we can tailor the project to suit your needs.


  1. I want to launch a weather balloon. Where do I start?

First thing you can do is contact us to start a joint research and a launch planning. Typically the whole process takes about one month and covers the following areas:

a) Coordination with the Local Aviation Administration for obtaining the permits

b) Calculation of the estimated flight path including burst altitude and landing coordinates

c) Preparation (payload lines, the balloon, the zip ties, tape and the pliers)

d) Launching

e) Tracking

f) Recovery

g) Data processing & analysis


  1. What if my question is not in this FAQ list?

Go to our contact us page and send us a message or call us at our phone number: +34 600 49 66 70.