Welcome on board! You are about to begin your own near-space program. Below are the steps your mission will be following. Now that everything is carefully planned and the mission ready to be launched, sit back, relax and enjoy your flight in a unique way!

– Pre-flight (2.5 hours): preparation at the launch site. We carry a triple check of all the technological systems present on board mainly ensuring the proper
operation of tracking devices and radio emitter. During this phase we also inflate the helium balloon.

– Launch phase (15 minutes): countdown and vertical lift-off.

– Ascent phase (2 hours): ascent from the Earth’s surface to an altitude of around 40km. This phase includes:

Earth / space observation and exploration (for example filming video and taking photos)
Atmospheric science and scientific investigation
Technology demonstration and testing
Space ads production

– Descent phase (1 hour): non-guided descent from the Stratosphere and parachute deployment to the predicted landing spot.

– Landing: landing at the predicted landing area.

– Recovery (1.5 to 5 hours): recovery of the payload and parachute. Return to the base for analysis.