Stratoscience’s main mission is to bring personalized and affordable near-space scientific missions tailored to meet your needs with the aim of safely recovering your payload with all the data you decided to record while flying up in the stratosphere. We design and build balloon based systems capable of reaching altitudes above 35 km. Provided that the system operates properly and the balloon bursts approximately where we expected, we should recover it shortly after landing. Operating strictly only weather permitting, we have a great track record for recovering the payloads. However, some external factors may come into play which we cannot always predict (mainly thieves). That is why it is important to place more than one payload label including relevant contact information. Remember: the payload will always become entangled up in the tallest tree when landing. Nevertheless, we are always well-prepared as with ropes, ladders and all kinds of climbing tools.



This photo clearly exemplifies a launch mess due to strong winds!

Following our specially designed elements and methodology you will be able to measure any aspect you wish up into the stratosphere (temperature, light intensity, pressure, air velocity, pollution, location) and also take pictures or make a video recording. You decide whether you use your own electronics or if you prefer we attach stratosphere tested devices especially for you to your Stratoscience balloon. You decide which sensorĀ and data recording system you would like to use and we implement it.

Possible sensors include: air quality sensors, greenhouse gas emissions, dust sensors, radiation levels or meteorological sensors and also the possibility to integrate many more monitoring devices in a modular customizable platform that allow you to be flexible enough for obtaining a plethora of different measurements.





This photos show the differences between various antennas we use to track the real flights.