– Space ads and commercials

 Marketing is about to be taken to new heights… all the way to the edge of the space. Our edge of space missions create impact:

  • Give customers a lasting impression of your business
  • Provide an innovative image for your company’s press releases, corporate advertisements and merchandising, social networks and website
  • You can personalize a mission for yourself, great for proposing, wedding invitations or even for birthday greetings
  • Or for your research center: get scientific data direct from the stratosphere and start your own aero space program easily


– Static Space Ads

10 x 20 cm, Full Panel Space Ad

Get the whole thing to yourself with this big attention-grabbing ad.


5 x 10 cm, Shared Panel Space Ad

Perfect for small businesses. This is a great way to fly your ad or message to the edge of space! Fits most logos.


2,5 x 5 cm, Shared Panel Space Ad

Nice size, full view of space and the Earth’s curvature. Fits most logos.


– Video Space Ads

 Shared Panel Video Space Ad

Real footage of your logo at the edge of space! Your 5×10 cm ad, message or logo captured in a stunning journey. Limited to a panel of up to four ads.


Full Panel Video Space Ad

Grab the entire action for yourself for some truly unique footage of your ad flying up to the edge of space! A unique promotional video can be yours! Makes for a memorable lifetime experience.


TV commercial production

We fly missions carrying objects to the edge of the space and we film them. Once the flight is filmed using HD cameras, an amazing TV commercial can be produced from the images taken. We set up all the necessary equipment and logistics to capture a unique shot.


– Special missions

We also send personalized 3D printed figurines, products as well as scientific sensors for specific measurements and much more.


– Where do I begin? How is it possible? Let’s get started!

You can mail or e-mail us your logo, message, ad, figurine, or whatever you have in mind to send off into space. We then fly a high altitude balloon carrying your mission items to the edge of space. These “ads at the edge of the space” are on a platform which has been tested over the last years and robust enough to make sure the mission succeeds. During the flight, on board cameras take thousands of pictures (with the option to record video footage of the whole flighteven we film a video footage of the full flight) with the blackness of space and the curvature of the Earth in the background and we return the platform safe to the Earth using a parachute. The images, video and data are given to you in a HD digital format, along with some prints, for your use.

As is true for all “push to the limits” activities, there is always a chance of losing the material or coming across some equipment malfunction. Even though it is rare, the platform may get lost or stolen. At the minimum pictures will be taken of the platform before liftoff and if the mission fails we will schedule another one with at no additional cost for the customer until we succeed.