How to correctly size a balloon

Balloons are measured according to its weight but not by its size. The burst altitude does not depend on the size of the balloon itself. There are more critical factors playing a role like humidity, pressure, temperature and the balloon manufacturing quality that greatly affect the final bursting diameter. The heavier the balloon is, the heavier the payloads they can … Read More

What are the balloons made of?

Usually the balloons are made of latex o neoprene. While latex is found in many plants and it is a natural compound, neoprene is chemically produced. Furthermore synthetic latexes have been made by following a polymerizing and emulsifying process. Natural rubber is the most important product obtained from latex. Neoprene is a family of synthetic rubbers that are produced by … Read More

Scientific Balloons

Balloons have been used for decades to conduct scientific studies. While the basics of ballooning have not changed, balloon capabilities have increased and their dependability has improved greatly. Scientific Balloons… 1. can be launched from locations worldwide to suport scientific needs. 2. can be readied for flight in as little as six months. 3. offer a low-cost method of conducting … Read More